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Park County Coronavirus Information Hotline

For current information on the coronavirus, please call one of the following lines:

Powell: (307) 754-1870
Cody: (307) 527-1870

Park County Coronavirus Information




Park County Public Health Information Resources

Update 03-24-2020 - Wyoming 211 Statewide Hotline

Update 03-24-2020 - Línea directa estatal de Wyoming 211

Update 03-23-2020 - Maintain Healthy Business Environments

Update 03-15-2020 - COVID-19 vs Flu vs Cold

Update 03-12-2020 - What to do if you get sick?

Update 03-09-2020 - COVID-19 Share Facts


Park County Public Health Department Releases

Important information from Wyoming Department of Transportation

*** The following notice is for Drivers License Services only and not for Registrations ***

To increase social distancing in support of the state’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) urges the public to take advantage of the Executive Order Governor Mark Gordon issued allowing for a 90-day grace period for expired driver licenses and identification cards and not visit the Driver Services Offices for those and several related services during the outbreak. 

For more information, see:


Updated 03-25-2020 - State Public Health Order #3 Public Notice

Please use the following contact information for the Park County COVID-19 Public Information Officer:

Phone: 307-527-1896

Update 03-23-2020 - COVID-19 IMT Press Release

Update 03-20-2020 - Cody Regional Health Press Release - Viral Screening Unit

Update 03-19-2020 - Park County Public Health Order


Updated 03-24-2020

Need Assistance? Want to Provide Assistance?

Healthy Park County and Park County Public Health has been working for several days to develop a Park County Resource list so people in need of assistance can readily see what is available. They are always trying to identify those in need and those willing to help.

For those in need of assistance please call Healthy Park County at 578-2707 to be set-up with a volunteer.

For those wishing to be added to the volunteer list please contact Healthy Park County or Park County Public Health at 527-8577.

To see the list or for more information visit:


Updated 03-13-2020

Northwest Rural Water District

In the past few days Northwest Rural Water District (NRWD) has received a couple of phone calls from customers regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). On March 12, 2020 the District received a note from the EPA Region 8 office stating that coronavirus has not been detected in drinking water supplies. You can continue to drink water from your tap as usual. Please do not run to the store and spend a lot of money on bottled water as that is unnecessary.

The other questions that have come up have been along the lines of, “Will water still be available if NRWD personnel come down with the coronavirus?” The answer to that question is yes. Staff is primarily concerned with maintenance of the system, monitoring the system, and new installations. The District’s water system is fully automated and NRWD personnel have the ability to monitor the system from home. It is also highly unlikely that the District’s young and healthy personnel are going to all come down with this virus. Please do not panic as it is highly unlikely there is any risk to your water system.

Mike Mackey
District Manager