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The purpose of the Mobile Animal Rescue and Evacuation Team (MARET) o Park County shall be to organize for, plan for, train for, maintain equipment for and respond to incidents requiring MARET assistance as requested, directed and authorized by the Park County Emergency Management.

When disaster strikes and the evacuations start, people grab their children and a few valuables before getting out of the house. Sometimes, pets and livestock are left behind. But in Park County, a group of volunteers is working to make sure that animals have a place to go during an emergency. The Mobile Animal Rescue Evacuation Team (MARET) is a pilot program in Wyoming that organizers hope will become a model around the state. The idea is to establish a mobile team that, in case of a disaster, can quickly set up a large, secure holding area to handle horses, cows, dogs, cats and basically any other animal that needs shelter.

By MIKE STARK Gazette Wyoming Bureau