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3-Day Readiness Kit

In case of an emergency you may be unable to get out for supplies or may be required to evacuate. It is recommended you keep supplies in a kit ready to take with you at a moments notice, that can get you through the first three days. This kit should be kept in an easily accessible area and in a container that is easy to carry with you. The following list is considered the minimum to have on hand.

Three days worth of non-perishable food for each person, such as canned meats and vegetables, soup, juices, crackers, trail bars, cereals and candy. Replace foods every six months.

Three days supply of water, one gallon required per person for drinking alone. Extra fresh water is needed for bathing and cleaning. Change your water every six months.

First Aid Supplies
Standard first aid supplies plus any prescription medications, inhalers and other medical necessities.

At least one change of clothing per person including extra footwear. Warm and weatherproof clothing is valuable no matter what the season. A blanket or sleeping bag for each person is also recommended.

Toilet paper, soap, hygiene supplies and plastic gargage bags. Remember diapers and wipes for your infant.

Battery powered radio, flashlight and plenty of extra batteries. Extra handtools are always valuable.

Miscellaneous Items
It is important to keep proof of identification, credit cards and other important documents easily accessible in a waterproof container.