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A Brief History of the Park County Courthouse

On April 18,1911, a Special Election was held and a bond issue passed to construct a courthouse, jail and sheriff's quarters in Cody. Park County sold the bonds to Messrs. Wright & Co. of New York for $45,000 at 5% per annum. The bonds were paid in full in 1924. The Lincoln Land Company's offer to
donate the block known as Arta Park (named after Buffalo Bill Cody's daughter) as a site for the courthouse was accepted by the County Commissioners on August 30, 1911. Link & Haire from Billings, Montana, were the architects, Gagnon & Company were the general contractors,
Jas. T. Carpenter, plumbing and heating contractor. J. Y. Smith was the building inspector. C.E. Walker, agent for Berger Manufacturing Company, received the bid to furnish the courthouse at a cost of $3,115. The courtroom
furniture bid was awarded to J. H. Vogle. Contractors McGhan & Holm constructed the concrete walks leading to the courthouse, and J. A. FriedIan
was the low bidder for grading the grounds at 24 1/2 cents per cubic yard. The courthouse was completed in December, 1912, at a cost of $55,000.

A clocktower was built into the new building to house a four-faced clock which eventually was illuminated at night by electricity. It wasn't until August, 1912, that preparations were begun to purchase a town clock for the courthouse.
W. R. Coe, a resident of Park County, donated a Seth Thomas clock. The clock was installed in April, 1913.

In the 1950's, additions were added to the courhouse on the East and West. The ballusters of the beautiful oak staircase were covered with hardboard and a skylight in the courtroom, an original feature of the courhouse, was covered when air conditioning was installed.

After questionnaires were sent to registered voters in 1984, it was found that the majority of those polled were in favor of preserving and restoring the courthouse as opposed to demolition. Later the same year, construction
began to historically correct and renovate the courthouse. This included refinishing the original oak trim, restoring the skylight, opening the staircase and replacing the double solid oak doors at the front entrance. All this
was made possible by Park County citizens' interest and concern for their past heritage.

The restored Park County Courthouse Is now occupied by offices of the County Commissloners, Planner, Circuit Court, Public Health and Youth Services.