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Special Tax Districts

Cody Fire (#2)

Powell Fire (#1)

Meeteetse Fire

Clark Fire

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Northwest College

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West Park Hospital

Powell Valley Hospital

Cody Cemetery (Riverside)

Powell Cemetery (Crown Hill)

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Deaver/Frannie Cemetery

City of Cody

City of Powell

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City of Frannie

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School District #1 (Powell)

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School District #16 (Meeteetse)

School District #31 (B.H.#1 Cowley)

School District #32 (B.H.#2 Lovell)

School District #34 (B.H.#4 Basin)

City of Powell

Board Members

Term Expires
Name and Address
2020 John Wetzel
Council Member
2020 James Hillberry
Council Member
2018 Eric Paul
Council Member
2018 Scott Mangold
Council Member
2020 Floyd E Young
Council Member
2018 Timothy A. Sapp
Council Member
2020 Lesli Spencer


FY2017-18 Final Budget

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FY2015 Final Budget