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Special Tax Districts

Cody Fire (#2)

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Northwest College

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West Park Hospital

Powell Valley Hospital

Cody Cemetery (Riverside)

Powell Cemetery (Crown Hill)

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Clark Cemetery (Bennett Butte)

Deaver/Frannie Cemetery

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Cody Canal Irrigation District

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School District #6 (Cody)

School District #16 (Meeteetse)

School District #31 (B.H.#1 Cowley)

School District #32 (B.H.#2 Lovell)

School District #34 (B.H.#4 Basin)

Park County Fire Protection District #1

Board Members

Term Expires
Name and Address
2018 Gerald May
Vice President
2020 Scott Heny
2020 Roger Easum
2018 Jerry Faxon
2018 Kelly Spiering


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FY2016-17 Proposed Budget

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