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Manufactured Homes

Sometimes lending institutions require that a manufactured/mobile home be assessed as real property before a loan can be granted or an insurance policy given. By State Statute, if a manufactured/mobile home owner wishes to have the manufactured/mobile home considered as real property for taxation purposes, the home has to be affixed to a permanent foundation and the title or MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin) surrendered to the County Clerk’s Office. An Affidavit for Surrendering Title or MSO must be signed and notarized stating that the home is affixed to a permanent foundation.

If you received only the MSO when you purchased the home and you are not surrendering it, you should have a title issued in your name from the County Clerk’s Office. Then there is a permanent record in the County Clerk’s Office of your ownership of the home in case the title or MSO should be lost. If the manufactured/mobile home was previously titled (i.e., The previous owner has signed off on the title.), take that title to the County Clerk’s Office and have a title made in your name.