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Certificate of Title

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Park County Clerk


Certificate of Title:

Document showing proof of ownership of an automobile, multipurpose vehicle, motor home, trailer, scooter, etc.


Title/Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Department Fees:
VIN/HIN and Rebuilt Inspections (W.S. ยง31-3-102(b))
  (Any law enforcement personnel with a badge may do this inspection.)
Statement of Amendment, Continuation or Assignment
Filing and indexing original financing statement
   Each additional certificate of title where lien is noted
Termination Statement (Included in Filing Fee)
no charge
Partial Release
Substitution of Collateral


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Application for Title and VIN/HIN Inspection Form - Form used to obtain a title.

Bill of Sale- Receipt for purchase.

Duplicate Title - Form used to obtain a new title when the original has been lost.

Homemade Vehicles and State-Assigned VINs - for all motorized boats, snowmobiles and small trailers to be titled. 

Warranty and Notarization Statement - A form used to sign off as seller on a title when the actual title is not available.