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Motor Vehicle FAQ:

Q: I bought a car from an individual. How long can I drive on the title?

When ownership transfers and the title is not held by a bank or other financial institution or not transferred from an auctioneer of vehicles, the title is to be dated and delivered to the transferee at the time of delivering the vehicle. Reference W. S. 31-2-104(a). The transferee has 45 days to operate on a properly executed title. Reference W. S. 31-2-201(a) (ii).

Q. When shall a person operate on a notarized bill of sale?

  1. When a title is being held by a bank or other financial institution and the title is not available at the time the vehicle is delivered. You must have a notarized bill of sale stating that the title is being held by the institution.
    NOTE: If a vehicle dealer does not provide a notarized bill of sale to the transferee, they shall provide a dealer's invoice in lieu of the bill of sale.

  2. When a vehicle auctioneer transfers ownership of a vehicle in the course of his business as a vehicle auctioneer.

Under both circumstances, the transferee has 60 days to operate on a notarized bill of sale or dealer's invoice. Reference W. S. 31-2-201(1) (ii).

In both instances above, a title shall be delivered to the transferee within 30 days of the date of delivery of the vehicle. Reference W. S. 31-2-104(h).

Q. I got a new car. Can I get credit for the plates I bought for my old car     because I don't drive it anymore?

No. We cannot give credit for transfer from a car that you still own, even if you no longer drive that car. Most of the tax you're paying on your car is not a use tax -it's an ownership tax, similar to the tax on your house. Actually driving the car or not doesn't make a difference.

Q. I sold my car and my plates are not expired. Can I get a refund of my     registration fees?

No. Wyoming Statute 31-3-103 (d) states that there shall be no refund of registration fees paid.

Q. Is there a time limit to pay my sales tax?

Yes, you must pay your sales tax within 65 calendar days from the date of purchase. That date will be extended to the next business day if we are closed on the 65th day. If the tax is not paid on or before the 65th day, there will be a penalty of $25. If payment occurs on day 76 or thereafter the penalty will be the greater of $25 or 10% of the tax due. Interest will also be charged at 1% per month or any fraction of a month beginning with day 66.

Q. My vehicle is licensed in another county in Wyoming. My registration     expires today. Can I renew my registration in Park County so I don`t     have to drive home with expired tabs?

Yes, you can renew your Wyoming registration in any county. All you need is your last Wyoming registration and proof of current insurance.

Q.If I sell my vehicle, should I keep my Wyoming plates?

Yes. According to Wyoming Statutes, upon transfer of ownership of a vehicle, the registration expires and the original owner shall immediately remove the license plates from the vehicle. If you plan to replace your vehicle or trailer, you can transfer the plates and any remaining credit to the new vehicle or trailer.

Q.I just won a vehicle from a raffle; do I have to pay Sales Tax?

Pursuant to the Wyoming Department of Revenue, State Board of Equalization vs. Welch – a winner of a raffle is not liable for sales tax because they are a 3rd party to the sale.

Q. I purchased a vehicle to fix up, but I don't want to plate it. Do I still     have to pay Sales Tax right away?

State statutes require that sales tax be paid within 65 days from the date of purchase to avoid penalties and interest. Even if you have no intentions of registering your vehicle right away, the sales tax must be paid within this amount of time to avoid penalties and interest.

Q. Can I get a refund on my plates when I sell my car?

Wyoming does not allow for a refund of licensing fees; however, you can transfer any remaining credit to a newly purchased vehicle.

Q. I want to give my low-numbered plate to someone else. What do I have     to do?

You can give your reserved number plate to another person if you choose to. The person who has the reserve plate number in their name needs to write a letter listing the plate number and who they are giving it to, and have it notarized. The person receiving the plate needs to bring the letter to the Treasurer’s office. Once the reserved plate number is fully expired, the person receiving the plate can put that low number on their car at time of renewal.

Q. I lost one of my license plates. What do I do?

Are you attached to the number that you lost?

You can order a replacement set of your particular number for $30. It takes about 4-6 weeks to arrive. We can issue another number off the shelf to run on in the meantime, or you can park the vehicle until the replacement arrives.

If you could care less what your plate number is.

If you do not care what number you have, you can just come in and get a new set off of the shelf for $8.00.

Q. I know I paid for my license stickers, now I can’t find them.

We can look up your plate to be sure you initially purchased new registration stickers. If you did lose them, we can issue you a new set for $6.00.

Q. I lost my vehicle registration. What do I do?

If you have your current sticker but no registration, you can come into our office and we can replace the registration for $4.00.

Q. Can I give my license plates to the purchaser of my car?

Only family members may transfer fees from license plates. However, if you wish to give a reserve plate number to someone else, you can do so, but it will only be the plate number you are giving them. They will have to pay their own registration fees, even if the plate still has current stickers.

Q. What is a reserve plate number?

A reserve plate number for truck is any number from 1 to 1,500. A reserve plate number for a passenger vehicle is any number from 1 to 3,000.