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Motor Vehicles:

Wyoming Statutes dictate the calculation of all registration fees. The fees are the same in every county in Wyoming. The county collecting the fees distributes the money to the taxing entities for the applicable County.

There are two parts to registration fees:

  1. The County fee is an ad valorem tax based on the value of the Factory Price of the vehicle. The County fee is distributed to the taxing entities (schools, cities, county, hospitals, fire districts, recreation districts, conservation districts and irrigation districts).
  2. The State fee depends on the vehicle type. All passenger vehicles are $15; truck fees, motor homes and trailers 1,001 lbs and over are based on the weight; commercial vehicle fees are based on the GVW weight and mileage; motorcycles, mpvs, etc. are $12; trailers weighing 1,000 lbs and under are $2; Commercial vehicles weighing 55,000 lbs and over must submit an IRS form 2290 in order to be registered.

Proof of insurance is required to register. We have a program in place to verify insurance online.

New Vehicle registration requirements:

Sales Tax:

Sales or use tax will be collected on all vehicles purchased except for motorcycles and multipurpose vehicles purchased from a Wyoming dealer. Sales tax applies when purchased in Wyoming and Use Tax applies when purchased out of state but is for use within the State of Wyoming. The Sales and Use Tax is due within fifty days from the date of purchase to avoid penalty and interest. If paid on or after fifty one days, the penalty will be the greater of $25 or 10% of the tax due. Interest will be charged at 1% per month.

The following are matters this office does not handle, but are often asked about. The proper office for these matters is as follows;