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Park County Treasurer

For questions please contact

Personalized Prestige Plates:

The County Treasurer works with the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) to issue the following personalized and special plates:

Click here for specialty plate application forms

Personalized/Prestige Plates

Personalized plates may be obtained for use on all regularly registered vehicles except:

Personalized prestige plates will be sent to the county treasurer of the county for which the plates are ordered. Upon payment of the regular registration fees, the county treasurer will issue the prestige plates in lieu of regular plates. If the vehicle has a current regular registration, the regular license plates must be surrendered to the county treasurer upon issuance of the prestige plates.

Prestige Plates Allowable Combinations:


No refund of the application fee will be given if the applicant marks the wrong vehicle type.  If uncertain as to the correct type of plates to order, please contact your County Treasurer.

To check the availability of a desired personalized plate, or for any other information on prestige plates, applicants may contact the department at 307-777-4709.