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Property Tax General Information:

Property Tax Definition & Calculation

A property tax is an ad valorem tax -one that is based on the value of the property. In Wyoming, the County Assessor is charged with the responsibility to value property at its fair market value. This value is then applied to the level of assessment, as determined by the state legislature. Currently, the level of assessment is 100% for gross production of minerals and mine products, 11.5% for industrial use property, and 9.5% for residential and all other real and personal property. The result is assessed value. The assessed value is then applied to the mill levy to derive the exact tax dollar amount due each year. Once the tax is determined, it is the duty of the County Treasurer to collect taxes.

How is My Property Tax Figured?

The formula for determining actual tax dollars is as follows:

The following is an example of how the tax amount for residential property is determined:

Fair Market Value of Property


Assessment Rate (9.5%)

x 0.095

Assessed Value of Property

$ 9,500

Mill Levy: 73.500

x 0.0735

Amount of Taxes

$ 698.25