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Jury Trials

District Court Jury panels are drawn three times each year.  The names are drawn electronically from registered voters and licensed drivers in Park County.  Normally 333 names are drawn each term.  If your name is drawn and you need to be excused for any reason during the term, you will need to present your written request to the Judge.  The Clerk of District Court office cannot excuse anyone from jury duty.  See W.S. §1-11-103 and 104 for information on persons exempt as jurors and causes for excusal.  Jurors must appear at trials unless excused by the Judge.  Jurors are asked to monitor the schedule for jury trials by calling a telephone recording at 527-8686 or 754-8686.

Jurors receive $30.00 for each full or part day of actual attendance.  A juror in attendance for more than five (5) consecutive days, may, in the discretion of the court, be allowed an additional $20.00 per day.  Mileage is reimbursed to those jurors whose travel exceeds five miles.

Jurors are asked to give their undivided attention to the jury selection process.  Cell phones, recording or other electronic devices should not be brought into the courtroom.  Jurors are asked to remain seated until everyone in the room is allowed to leave.  Morning and afternoon breaks are given. 

Visitors are welcome to observe most jury trials.  Anyone visiting the courtroom should be respectful.  There is not a required dress code but appropriate attire should be worn.  Talking should not occur among spectators or jurors unless absolutely necessary.