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Debbie Kelly, Cent$ible Nutrition Educator

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Join the Cent$ible Nutrition Program and receive:

For more information contact your local Extension Office in Cody at 527-8560 or Powell at 754-8560 or write UW Cent$ible Nutrition  Program, Park County Extension Service, P.O. Box 3099, Cody, WY  82414.

Learn the secrets to:

  1. Invest your food dollars in the best nutrition choices.
  2. Stretch your food dollar to last the whole month.
  3. Choose foods lower in fat and cholesterol.
  4. Prepare low-cost meat dishes in tender, delicious ways.
  5. Recognize advertising techniques that encourage you to spend more.
  6. Increase calcium intake by including more calcium rich foods in your diet.
  7. Plan meals your family will enjoy.
  8. Protect your family from food borne illnesses.
  9. Save time, energy, and make new friends.
  10. Alter recipes so they are lower in fat, sugar and sodium.
Nutrition plays a major role in health. Nutrient-dense foods promote good health and give children energy to learn.

The Cent$ible Nutrition Program empowers individuals and families to select foods that fit within their budget, and are nutritionally sound choices.

Here's what graduates say about the Cent$ible Nutrition Program.

"I saved $75 at the grocery store by planning menus and making a grocery list from the menu. I spend less at the store and still have plenty of food at the end of the month."

"I know more about nutrition and preparing and buying foods. The program really helped me because I am diabetic and have to watch my diet."