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Public Health

Increasing Access to Healthcare

1. Financial Assistance for Urgent Health Care  Park County Public Health receives Community Service Block Grant funding to provide emergency/urgent health care to individuals and families residing in Park County who meet federal poverty criteria. Authorizations are given to cover limited costs for physician services, emergency rooms, clinics, dental services, and prescriptions. Every effort is made to link applicants with other appropriate health care resources like Kid Care, Medicaid, and Medicare. 

2. Screening Assessments (LT-101's) for Nursing Home Care  Public Health Nurses complete functional assessments (LT-101's) to determine the appropriate level of care needed by elderly and disabled persons. If nursing home care is not indicated the PHN works with the individual, their family, and community service providers to access needed services. 

3. Home and Community-based Waiver Services are an alternative to nursing home placement for a limited number of Medicaid-eligible individuals who meet nursing home criteria. These persons must be able to live safely in their home environment and choose to do so. Services provided in the home include case management, personal care, respite care for family caregivers, home-delivered meals, prescriptions, personal emergency response system, and non-medical transportation. 

4. The Wyoming Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program covers the cost of breast exams, pelvic exams, pap tests, mammograms, and some diagnostic testing. Women must be age 50 or older and qualify financially. Call 1 (800) 264-1296.

5. The Wyoming Colorectal Cancer Early Detection Program helps eligible persons with the costs of colonoscopies and polyp removal.
Call 1 (866) 205-5292 to apply.