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Solid Waste

Clark Landfill

93 Winsor Way, Clark WY 
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, Gates open from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Clark landfill is a "dry" landfill. See "Dry Landfill Rules."

There is no charge for DELIVERING the following ITEMS to the Clark landfill: brush or clean wood to the burn pile, metal taken to the salvage area, clean gravel or dirt, used motor oil (limit 5 gallons per household per month) or auto batteries.


Clark Landfills Fees

Any load delivered to the landfill gate will be charged a fee based on $9.00 per loose yard. The following is a sample of disposal rates for the Clark landfill:

MSW (household trash) brought into the landfill must be bagged and put into the roll out bin.

30 gallon trash bag   $4 each
13 gallon trash bag   $2 each
Trash in bin $12 per yard
Trash in pit $9 per yard
Organics in pit $4.50 per yard
Concrete in pit $20 per yard